Family Law

A family-owned firm, Duggan Law Offices in North Attleboro and Marblehead understand that family law issues can be especially complex. With more than 40 years of experience, the team at Duggan has the knowledge and skill to resolve complex family law matters quickly and effectively. You can feel confident that we will work tirelessly to resolve your family law issues while making the best interests of you and your children our primary concerns.

A full-service family law firm, we represent clients in a variety of matters including:


Understanding that divorce marks a difficult time in the life of any family, we work with our clients to solve problems while vigorously advocating on their behalf. Additionally, we work with you to negotiate a settlement for property division and a custody and visitation schedule that maximizes benefits for you and your children.

Property Division & Child Support

Property division and child support are common financial issues that are addressed during a divorce. At Duggan Law Offices, we strive to ensure that the financial results achieved are the best they can be for both you and your children.

Custody & Visitation

At Duggan, we advocate on your behalf for plentiful and quality time with your children even in complex custody cases wherein parents live in different regions.


We have over forty years of experience representing both mothers and fathers in paternity cases, including those involving child support awards.

Post-Judgment Modification & Contempt

Issues such as child support and custody are often reviewable after the final divorce decree. At Duggan Law Offices, we represent clients in pursuit of changing child support and visitation agreements, as well as in the enforcement of orders regarding delinquent child support.

Grandparents’ Rights

It is sometimes important in family matters to guard the rights of Grandparents to the society and companionship of their grandchildren. Although most such family matters can be accomplished by an agreement within the family, sometimes this is not possible without the intervention of the Court System. Duggan Law Offices will aggressively advocate for Grandparents so that their rights to and the society of their grandchildren are protected.

If you’re facing a family law issue, don’t hesitate to contact Duggan Law Offices today to determine your rights.